Online EMT Students Prepare for NREMT

On Saturday August 1st, 2020 our current set up online EMT basic students arrived with 1 thought…Pass the final. They studied hard and prepared themselves for the 175 question exam that stood between them and taking the NREMT exam.

Each one came in and got their pencils out. As the tests were passed out they looked at it intently. They knew they were ready for it. The room was quiet but you could sense something great was about to happen.

After what felt like just a few moments, one of the students came out with their test completed. He was brave. He sat across from my desk watching me grade the exam. Nervous with each red check mark I made. He tried to watch but got scared and looked away. I began to count the marks. He needed 35 or less to pass. He missed only 20! The excitement filled the room.

Then the next and the next brought out their tests and waited patiently. Finally I gave them the good news, they had passed also. Just 1 final student to go.

She brings out her exams and goes to hide until it is complete. I grade the exam with more red marks then Id like. But I stay strong in my belief that she will succeed. I finish and begin to count. Getting ever so close to that dangerous 35 mark. Finally, I look up a the student and ask her if she wants the good news or the bad news first. She opts for the bad news. I tell her she missed 35. Her jaw drops and then says “what does that mean?” I tell her she passed!

Now realizing that all 4 of my students have been successful we celebrate and take a group photo. I inform them of next steps and then tell them to go home and enjoy the evening. Next is the NREMT.

If you are interested in joining them go to our Online EMT page for more info.

Online EMT students