Bath Safety

January is National Bath Safety Month, which helps raise awareness of the dangers of the bathroom and make us aware of what we do and do not do in the bathroom.

Bathing Safety Month is the ideal time to ensure that your elderly or loved one’s bathroom is safe from danger. The most dangerous room in the house can be one of the safest, according to the US Department of Health and Human Services.

While you may consider your bathroom a safe haven where you can relax after a busy day with a soothing bath or refreshing shower, it is actually the most dangerous room in the house. While the bathroom can be the last place you think of to relax in a bathtub, according to the US Department of Health and Human Services, bathrooms can be one of the safest rooms in your home. Make sure your older or beloved bathroom is protected from danger by using a few safety tips for your bathroom. Although the bathroom: Although it can be the most dangerous room in the house, bathing is one of the risky daily activities for the elderly and their relatives.

Lighting the bathroom and bathroom is an essential step for bathroom safety, according to the US Department of Health and Human Services.

Bath safety products for seniors are made of waterproof, rust-resistant materials that are light enough to handle everyday use while being moved and set up quickly. Ensure the safety of you and your loved ones when you buy and install the right bathroom – a safety product for your home.

In addition to installing handles, it is a cost-effective way to increase and improve bathroom safety by installing non-slip strips on the bottom of the bath or shower. You may also consider installing a grab bar to hold your children when you step out of your bathroom. Those who want to ensure safety in the bathroom should be supported by a nurse or supervised in the shower. The safety support offered when using a shower, bath or toilet can be used separately or in combination.

A bathtub safety bar mounted on the bathtub wall allows users to make an effort independently. These grilles lock to the side of the bath and give older adults an extra hold when they step out of the bath.

Bathtub transfer benches can also be used if a person also has difficulty getting out of the bath. The bathroom safety for seniors can be achieved by grabbing a bar and using a transfer bench to get out of the bath and get to the shower or toilet. If the patient also has difficulty getting into the bath, a bathtub transfer table or shower bench can be used.

Using a shower chair or bath chair helps to reduce the risk of falling by providing a safe area for slippery showers and baths. If you have shower cubicles with little or no moldings or do not find the transfer difficult, shower chairs can help to facilitate bathing while ensuring an additional level of bathing safety.

This can be extremely helpful when stepping over the edge of the bath or when stepping from the sitting position into the bath. If you want to invest some money in a walkway bathtub – a bathtub or shower chair or bath chair – consider installing a “walk-in” bathtub that you can use as an alternative to your existing bath or shower cabin. The footpath in the bathtub can easily be installed by a craftsman or plumber and replaces the existing bathtubs and shower cubicles. You can also attach bath handrails to the sides of your tub to ensure easy access and remove them from below or above.

If the look of your bathroom is as important as the safety of your bathroom, the Moen Transfer Bench can be an attractive addition to virtually any bathroom. The transfer bench is designed to allow users to enter the bathroom safely and comfortably without burdening them.

The shower chair gives seniors the stability they need to shower safely, and also provides a resting place. The shower handle not only improves bathroom safety, but is also available in various colors, such as white, blue, red, green and black.

The Invisia Collection also offers attractive handles for bathing safety, which at first glance may not seem like safety devices, but they are. For added safety, you should add a bathtub – safety handle, shower chair or bath bed – to make it easier for you to enjoy your shower without fear of falling. When fitting handles, you should consider areas in the bathroom where stepping on the shower bar can cause falls and injuries. If you have difficulty standing or sitting in a bathtub or dresser, there is a safety bar. So, lets take the time to make sure our bathrooms are safe for everyone including yourselves.



Bathtub non slip strips

Bath chairs if needed

Safety bars in the shower and/or by the toilet (if needed for elderly)

Make sure your bathroom floors are slip proof floors