Adult CPR Steps

Steps of Adult CPR
This is the basic steps of CPR for and Adult. Follow these steps to help save a life.

i. Make sure the scene is safe. If it is not safe, leave the scene and call 911.
ii. Tap the victim firmly and shout loudly looking for a response.
iii. If no response or no normal response, yell for help.
a. If help comes, send them to call 911
b. If no help comes, go call 911 yourself.
iv. Come back to the victim and scan the body for obvious signs of breathing for 5 to 10 Seconds.
v. If not breathing begin compressions.
c. 30 compressions at a rate of 100 beats per minute. Push down 2 inches.
vi. Give 2 breaths, making the chest rise.
vii. Continue until help arrives or victim comes back to life.

The next two posts will have the steps of CPR for Children and infants. Check back to see what those steps are.

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