In The Beginning…

It’s hard to decide where to start when you want to tell a story. The story of CPR and More started several years ago. I was working on an ambulance and many of my co-workers needed to get their CPR cards re certified but no one really knew how to go about it or where to go. The problem is that there is so many people who can teach but unless you ask them they don’t speak up. They are instructors but they do it for the title on an application.

So I decided that it was time to help out my friends. My girlfriend at the time had gotten her certification to teach from a small company located in Chino. I had never heard of them but she seemed to like them.

I didn’t actually go an get my certification yet. I had her help out many of my friends when she could. That wasn’t that many but it helped a little. So I kept working on the ambulance and just enjoying my job.

After a short while my girlfriend and I parted ways but we stayed friends. She went to medical school and at that time I had decided to start teaching CPR myself. I was lost as to what to do but she sent me in the right direction. She sent me to the same place she got certified and gave me her CPR supplies to start my own business.

So now I have my supplies but what happened next? Check back next time to find out.

While you are waiting for the next part to the story go check out CPR and More’s website. Also, check out our cpr supply’s page.