Summer is here and with that comes fun in the sun. If you have a pool in your back yard or if you are going to be in a pool or lake or river, you need to be prepared in case something happens.
Drowning– Death that occurs as a result of liquid suffocation. The water blocks the absorption of oxygen into the body and prevents proper ventilation and breathing. In other words, water gets in the lungs and you cant breath.
Near-Drowning- Survival of an event in which liquid blocks the absorption of oxygen. A near drowning can be a “close-call” or can be a devastating event. In the most severe cases, the person was submerged for so long that the brain has suffered permanent damage from the lack of oxygen. If the person receives resuscitation, they may be in a coma for the rest of their life because the permanent damage to the brain has already occurred.


Un-Gated or Poorly-Gated Pools. It only takes a couple of seconds for a child to fall into a pool and drown.
Aggressive water currents
Inability to swim

Drowning happens when water gets into the lungs. The victim is unable to breathe. The heart continues to pump un-oxygenated blood to the body, but eventually no oxygen will be available for the organs. Salt water and pool water causes heavy damage to the lungs. The oxygen doesn’t get to the brain causing the victim to lose consciousness and they may eventually go into cardiac arrest.

1. Pull them from the water
2. Call 9-1-1
3. Begin CPR


If you have any questions about how to give CPR or about drowning, give us a call or go to our website at www.cprnmore.com 1-800-477-6193